AMPZero: Antimicrobial Activity Predictor for Microbial Species


This webserver is designed for predicting the effectiveness of a peptide sequence against species. You have a choice to choose type of C-terminus and N-terminus modification, if any otherwise choose None. If you provide a genome sequence of a new species, the predictor will give you information about effectiveness of the peptide sequence for that species. The input of genome sequence of species is optional, in case the genome is not entered the predicter will tell the effectiveness of peptide for 336 microbial species sorted according to predicted scores. This work is a part of the paper of Sadaf Gull and Fayyaz Minhas- "Predicting Species-Specific Targeting of Antimicrobial Peptides using Few Shot learning "(pre-print release)

To use this webserver for predicting effectiveness of a peptide against species, enter a peptide sequence and click on "Predict" button.

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